Testimonial – Jenny H

I personally really enjoy the classes. Your friendly and open nature helped easing us into the routines and liking the exercises, from total beginners to start with. Love your smiles. I like in particular you ask people before we start what they want to focus for each class. This personalised approach adds a lot of value. With some of the moves, you tell us what we do and also add what we can do if we want a harder move. I don’t always try but do when I feel I can, which makes me feel accomplished. You pay attention to our development. You noticed I don’t try jumping to and back, and yesterday you asked me/pushed me into doing that by giving me specific instructions. It was actually very much doable. You adjust my position and said it is very important to have the correct posture. You gave me tips ie. Imaging a hand there to pull me up or for me to lean forward to, and makes it easy to follow. The music is brilliant too, soothing… These classes make me feel better, lighter, and happier!

Jenny He
Development Manager